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    I the Subscriber also agree to ALL SALES ARE FINAL I the Subscriber have signed my Signature Above, Thereby Accepting the Terms and Conditions, and checked the box at lower left accepting Terms and Conditions, understand and agree that all sales are final upon ordering and Taking Profits will issue no refunds in any amount, whole or part after ordering and the subscription will be effective through it’s entire full term. I The Subscriber Agree to This. Without recourse I, the subscriber, agree and understand that trading involves risks and I can lose all my money. By clicking the "Place Order" button on the lower right of the shopping cart order page, I the subscriber agree this guarantees the payment of My subscription order and future automatic re-bill payments to the subscription newsletter(s) I ordered from Taking Profits. Automatic renewal or automatic rebill (re-bill) is the process by which the subscriber agrees and accepts all subscriptions to be automatically renewed and rebilled at the same price and the same term going forward from the subscribers initial subscription order. I agree payment will be processed via automatic debit from my credit/debit card account. I agree and accept to automatically renew and rebill all subscription newsletters ordered upon reaching their respective renewal date whether the original term is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. The term for automatic rebill of newsletters and/or services can be determined by using the date on the initial order invoice and counting forward to the next month, quarter, semi annual or annual subscriptions. To be effective, The Spread Trader money back guarantee terms are mailed to subscribers by Taking Profits and signed for via certified return mail by the subscriber thereby acknowledging receipt.The Taking Profits Spread Trader money back profit guarantee policy states the Member (Subscriber) must have executed in the his/her brokerage account, in equal dollar amounts, every spread trade and/or every single option trade issued by Taking Profits over a complete calendar year from the beginning date to the end date of the Members subscription time period. If the cumulative dollar amount of every trade issued by Taking Profits, using the same dollar amount for each trade, is negative after one calendar year of membership, Taking Profits will refund in full, the membership cost for the subscription. Terms that Apply: Within 30 days of the end of the members subscription, the member must request a refund in writing to Taking Profits, POB 505 Middlesex, NJ 08846 and via email to, and within 30 days of the end date of membership (subscription date) the member must provide and send via U.S. mail to Taking Profits copies of all brokers monthly statements, copies of all executed trades confirmations in the members brokerage account over the complete calendar year indicating execution of every spread trade and and/or single option trades as issued by Taking Profits in the members account with the same dollar allocation (within 8%) into each position. The refund eligibility period shall not exceed 13 months beyond the original subscription date. Taking Profits will then compare the trades issued by Taking Profits with the trades executed in the members brokerage account. The Money Back Guarantee is nullified if the member did not have executed in his/her brokerage account every spread trade and/or every single option trade issued by Taking Profits during the members (subscriber) subscription calendar year or lost money due to not using the same dollar amount allocated (within 8%) into each trade. Should the comparison prove there was indeed a loss based upon the above factors, Taking Profits will issue a complete refund of the subscription fee to the member within 90 days after the comparison is completed.

    I the Subscriber understand trading stocks and options involve HIGH RISK and I could lose all my money. I the subscriber understand I could lose all my money trading stocks and or options and AGREE I the subscriber will not hold Taking Profits responsible for any monies lost which investing.

    I the Subscriber fully accept the NO REFUND POLICY, understand trading stocks and options is HIGH RISK and all my money could be lost and will not seek any recourse against Taking Profits, it's Principals, or employees whatsoever for a refund to my subscription price or for any monies lost trading stocks or options.

    I the Subscribers also fully understand PAST PERFORMANCE IS IN NO WAY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE and fully realize any past performance data issued by Taking Profits is in no way an indication of Future Performance.

    I the subscriber understand that all trade information and communication issued by Taking Profits is via email and it is My, the Subscribers' responsibility to insure my email account accepts incoming email from Taking Profits. I The Subscriber take responsibility to insure incoming email from Taking Profits does not get diverted into a Junk or Spam Folder, and I The Subscriber will contact my email company, such as YAHOO, GMAIL, AOL, etc. and correct any issues to insure incoming email from Taking Profits goes directly into my Email Inbox. I Agree not to hold Taking Profits, it's Principals, or employees, responsible if my email server, company, etc., does not time accept or receive incoming email from Taking Profits. I agree Taking Profits has fully informed me of it's email addresses of which I should expect incoming email communications.

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